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Instructor(s): John Schwartz – Perfectionist Auto Sound & Security and SoundShield

Track: Owner - Manager
Location: Avalon 10
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Description: Is your business a place where top talent wants to work? Are you successfully nurturing talent from within once sales professionals and technicians are hired? Would you consider working for your own business if you were in the employee's shoes? These are all crucial questions to contemplate when assessing whether you have the winning formula to cultivate and sustain a team of dedicated, content, and motivated employees. Join us to acquire proven strategies and policies that will empower you to effectively recruit, train, and retain the crème de la crème of talent, propelling your business to the next level of income and profitability.
Top Take-aways: Where to find TEAM members - Hiring Tips:  Discover the best sources and techniques for recruiting top-tier talent to enhance your workforce.

Who should attend: Any business owner looking at building a winning team for their business.

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