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Operational Excellence: Take your Inventory Management to the Next Level

Instructor(s): Dave Wall from Freeman's Car Stereo & John Schwartz from Perfectionist Auto Sound & Security

Track: Owner - Manager
Location: Avalon 10
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Description: In this class You will learn from two Retailer of the Year winners, on how to manage your inventory in a more efficient and effective way, to maximize profit dollars. From how to choose vendor partners, selecting product mix and assortments, and tracking sales to make projections. Learning how to identify and liquidate dead inventory and how to keep emotion in check when determining what inventory is best for your business. Lastly, learn what inventory turns are and how it has tremendous benefits on cash flow for your business.


Top Take-aways: You will come away from this class with an inventory management plan you can follow to help you master this important area of your business.

Who should attend: Owners and manager looking to enhance their abilities to run a highly productive and profitable business.

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