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***Information Updated as of August 2, 2021***
KnowledgeFest COVID-19 Information
As we look forward to our next KnowledgeFest event, we want you to know that your safety is at the top of our list. We have complied information regarding processes and procedures that will be in place for our events. Our goal is to create safe and successful live events.
COVID-19 Information Guide:
Cleaning & Sanitization
Creating and maintaining clean environments for the safety and success of our events:
1. We will offer sanitizing services to exhibitors through our general service contractor and or the facility.
2. We will place hand sanitizing stations throughout the event.
3. We recommend following all recommendations from local, state, and federal governments regarding COVID-19 safety.
4. We will have a dedicated cleaning taskforce to implement and police sanitization.
5. We will confirm that all cleaning responsibilities are performed with proper PPE equipment.
6. We will have a disinfection process for common areas and surfaces, including but not limited to: Countertops, Tablets and keyboards, Seating areas, Bathrooms, Door handles, etc.
7. We will encourage hand washing and good hygiene for participants before and after human interactions.
Health Monitoring
Screen & Survey Participants - If needed, we will implement health and screening checks for all event participants to support maintaining clean environments and create emotional comfort to those entering and interacting within the event. We may implement temperature check procedures at event facilities that may include:
1. Temperature and wellbeing survey stations at entry locations.
2. Survey questions will follow CDC recommendations. Individuals with high temperatures or who do not pass survey standards will not be permitted into the event.
3. If defined survey standards and temperature checks required, it will be communicated to all participants prior to the event.
For individuals with high temperatures, we would implement the following:
1. Designate an isolation room with qualified medical staff on call.
2. Create transportation plan to safely transfer patient to a healthcare facility or hospital if recommended by the onsite medical staff.
If needed, we may communicate the safety plan to all participants so that if a participant gets sick at the event they understand immediately where to go and who to alert.
We will continue to monitor and update these procedures as new information becomes available. Please use this comprehensive list of resources to stay updated on protocols, guidelines, and compliance of the COVID-19 protocols.


Click on the resource to learn more:

[Click Here] For COVID-19 Related Hotel Information

Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

World Health Organization (WHO)

Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC)

International Association of Venue Manager (IAVM)

Unites States Department of Labor (DOL)

Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA)

International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE)

Society of Independent Show Organizers (SISO)

The Global Association of the Exhibitions Industry (UFI)

Exhibition Services and Contractors Association (ESCA)


For information specific to Dallas:

The KBHCCD continues to adhere to all CDC recommendations, including:
  • Hand sanitizer stations are located throughout the facility to encourage anti-bacterial efforts.
  • Signage is posted throughout the building with CDC recommendations that promote healthy hygiene.
  • Frequent touch points are routinely cleaned and sanitized.
Our staff is meeting regularly to stay informed and is taking appropriate safety measures as needed.
We will communicate regularly to ensure that our staff, partners, clients, and attendees are up to date on additional news.
For more information about COVID-19 in Dallas, click here.
For more information about COVID-19 in Texas, click here.
For more information from the CDC, click here.
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Title: ProSQ - Putting the Fun Back in SQ 


Description: Thinking back to the roots of car audio, we will take a look at how to reimagine what got many of us excited about car audio in the first place. We will discuss the utilization of Pro Audio based gear, that is specifically tailored to the car audio world, to create an accurate and detailed audio system for the listener who wants to turn it up to 11. Robert Reilly and Jacob Brown with HKI USA will be heading up the discussion and answering any questions the pop up as you think more about which of your clients are ProSQ fans at heart.


Saturday, August 28

Time: 4:45 pm - 5:45 pm

Meeting Room: C146

[Click here to Reserve Your Seat*]


*A reservation does not guarantee a seat. Reserved seating is located on the first two rows of each classroom and is on a first come first served basis. Please be at your class no later than ten minutes before the start.


Thursday, 20 June 2019 16:44
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Title: How to Qualify and Design Motorcycle/Powersport Systems For Your Market   




Description: With the ever changing market of powersports and motorcycle audio, how do you qualify and design the perfect solution for each and every one of your clients? Join Andy Smith, HKI USA's Territory Manager/Powersports trainer and Diogo, HKI USA's CEO for a solution driven training that will help you make sure you are the expert at qualifying and designing the perfect powersports system for each and everyone of your clients.





Sunday, August 29

Time: 10:30 am - 11:30 am

Meeting Room: C145

[Click here to Reserve Your Seat*]




*A reservation does not guarantee a seat. Reserved seating is located on the first two rows of each classroom and is on a first come first served basis. Please be at your class no later than ten minutes before the start.


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Title: 6 Struggles of a Salesperson & How to Overcome Them 


Description: Often times we ask ourselves, why didn't I close that sale? Let's face it, we don't want to talk about the elephant in the room and reflect on why we are struggling. Let's get rid of the question mark thought bubbles and figure it out together. HKI USA's Tommy Spears, National Sales Director & Elias Ventura Territory Manager & 2016-17 SalesPro "OG" dive into some of the common struggles of a Salesperson within the sales process and how to overcome them.


Friday, August 27

Time: 1:45 pm - 2:45 pm

Meeting Room: C145

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*A reservation does not guarantee a seat. Reserved seating is located on the first two rows of each classroom and is on a first come first served basis. Please be at your class no later than ten minutes before the start.


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For The Latest Event Information Go To: www.KFest.me

Friday, March 15

Education Workshops & Manufacturer Trainings are

Located at the Indianapolis Marriott on Day One Only

Education Sessions
Start End Description Location
8:00 A 5:00 P Attendee Registration Hall A Lobby
8:30 A 9:50 A Enclosure Design with a Purpose Ballroom 1 & 2
8:30 A 9:50 A Social Marketing - Mastering One (Facebook-Instagram-YouTube) Lincoln
8:30 A 9:50 A Demonstration and Delivery – The Next Evolution Ballroom 3 & 4
10:00 A 11:20 A
The Four Questions: Essential Tests for OEM Audio Integration Ballroom 1 & 2
10:00 A 11:20 A
Selling with Confidence Lincoln
10:00 A 11:20 A
Break The Rules and Close More Business Ballroom 3 & 4
11:20 A
2:30 P Lunch Concession Food Court
Vendor Training
Start End Manufacturer/Brand Location
12:30 P 1:30 P JBL by Harman Ballroom 1
12:30 P 1:30 P Brandmotion Ballroom 2
12:30 P 1:30 P Race Sport Lighting
Ballroom 3
12:30 P 1:30 P JVC
Ballroom 4
12:30 P 1:30 P Wet Sounds
12:30 P 1:30 P AudioControl Santa Fe
12:30 P 1:30 P Radenso Radar
12:30 P 1:30 P ADS - iDatalink & iDatastart
12:30 P 1:30 P AAMP - PAC Kentucky
1:45 P 2:45 P Rockford Fosgate - Motorcycle Audio
Ballroom 1
1:45 P 2:45 P Firstech - Drone Mobile
Ballroom 3
1:45 P 2:45 P Kenwood Ballroom 4
1:45 P 2:45 P Memphis Audio
1:45 P 2:45 P DD Audio
Santa Fe
1:45 P 2:45 P Orca - Focal
1:45 P 2:45 P AAMP - Stinger Michigan/Texas
1:45 P 2:45 P Directed Kentucky
3:00 P 4:00 P Voxx Mobile Video Ballroom 1
3:00 P 4:00 P Sony Ballroom 2
3:00 P 4:00 P Metra Ballroom 3
3:00 P 4:00 P Hertz Ballroom 4
3:00 P 4:00 P Wet Sounds Lincoln
3:00 P 4:00 P Escort Radar
Santa Fe
3:00 P 4:00 P Arc Audio Florida/Illinois
3:00 P 4:00 P Alpine Michigan/Texas
3:00 P 4:00 P Directed Kentucky
4:00 P 8:00 P Mobile Electronics Exhibit Hall Open Hall A
4:00 P 8:00 P  Beer & Business Event on the Exhibit Floor Hall A

Saturday, March 16

Education Workshops & Manufacturer Trainings are

Located at the Indiana Convention Center for Saturday & Sunday

Education Sessions
Start End Description Location
7:30 A 5:00 P Event Registration Hall A Lobby
8:00 A 9:20 A Tuning it Right the First Time 128-127
8:00 A 9:20 A Selling DSP: Technical Explanations & Sale Approaches 124-123
8:00 A 9:20 A Mastering Dealership Work: Part One 126-125
9:30 A 10:50 A Hot Rod Interior Fabrication 128-127
9:30 A 10:50 A Local Marketing: Mastering Public Relations 124-123
9:30 A 10:50 A Mastering Dealership Work: Part Two 126-125
11:00 A 12:20 P The Technicians Guide to the Universe 128-127
11:00 A 12:20 P Bidding the Job - Getting Paid Properly for Your Services
11:00 A 12:20 P I'm a Business Owner, But am I a Leader/Coach? 126-125
11:30 A 4:30 P Mobile Electronics Exhibit Floor Open Hall A
11:30 A 1:30 P Lunch Concession Open Hall A
Vendor Training
Start End Manufacturer/Brand Location
4:45 P 5:45 P Voxx - Remote Start & Certification
4:45 P 5:45 P Sony 121
4:45 P 5:45 P Metra 122
4:45 P 5:45 P Audison 123
4:45 P 5:45 P AudioControl 124
4:45 P 5:45 P Escort Radar 125
4:45 P 5:45 P Arc Audio 126
4:45 P 7:00 P Orca - Mosconi/Gladen
4:45 P 5:45 P Alpine 128
6:00 P 7:00 P Rockford Fosgate - Sound Quality
6:00 P 7:00 P SounDigital 121
6:00 P 7:00 P  Firstech 122
6:00 P 7:00 P Kenwood 123
6:00 P 7:00 P Directed 125
6:00 P 7:00 P DD Audio 126
6:00 P 7:00 P AAMP - Phoenix Gold

Sunday, March 17

Vendor Training
Start End Manufacturer/Brand Location
8:30 A  2:30 P  Event Registration  Hall A Lobby 
9:00 A  10:00 A  Sony 120
9:00 A 10:00 A Firstech - Remote Start 122
9:00 A 10:00 A Infinity by Harman 123
9:00 A 10:00 A Rostra 124
9:00 A 10:00 A Orca -Illusion
9:00 A 10:00 A AAMP - Echomaster 128
10:15 A 11:15 A Omega Research & Crimestopper
10:15 A 11:15 A Rockford Fosgate - Motorcycle Audio 121
10:15 A 11:15 A Metra 122
10:15 A 11:15 A Directed 123
10:15 A 11:15 A Rydeen Mobile 124
10:15 A 11:15 A ADS - iDatalink Maestro
10:15 A 11:15 A Memphis Audio 127
11:00 A 2:30 P Mobile Electronics Exhibit Floor Open Hall A
11:00 A 1:30 P Lunch Concession Open Hall A
Education Sessions
Start  End  Description Location
2:30 P 3:50 P It's All About the Phase 128-127
2:30 P  3:50 P  Sustainable Selling – The Four Rules & the Four Steps 124-123
2:30 P 3:50 P Branding your Business and Yourself! 126-125
4:00 P 5:20 P Tools of the Trade: Multimeters, Scopes & Polarity Testers 128-127
4:00 P 5:20 P Sustainable Selling - The Four Types 124-123
4:00 P 5:20 P Making the Investment: The Custom Fabrication Business 126-125


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KnowledgeFest 2021 Event Schedule 

Orlando (Past Event Schedule) - [Click Here]

Dallas Event Schedule - [Click Here]

Indianapolis Event Schedule - [Click Here]



Friday, August 27, 2021

Exhibit Hall C

Dallas Convention Center




Sunday, February 20, 2022

Location: Las Vegas

Mobile Electronics Industry Awards --  8:00 PM - 9:30 PM



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Time for KnowledgeFest 2021


[Register Here] for Dallas - August 27-29
[Register Here] for Indianapolis - October 8-10
[Register Here] for Las Vegas - February 18-20, 2022
[Coming Soon] for Indianapolis - April 1-3, 2022
[Coming Soon] for Orlando - June 10-12, 2022
[Coming Soon] for Dallas - August 26-28, 2022
Member Pricing
First attendee registration is free, each additional registrant from your store is free as well.
*Mobile Electronics Retail member registration requires a current MEA membership. If your membership has lapsed, you will need to renew prior to the event to avoid being charged the attendee registration fee.
Non-Member Pricing
Attendee registration is $149.00 for each attendee.
Press Credentials - [Click Here] to register.
Requires Mobile Electronics Association for approval
What is KnowledgeFest?
KnowledgeFest was founded in 1994 by a group of passionate specialty retailers and reps in the Midwest who saw the value in mobile electronics retailers getting together to share knowledge and experiences. In sharing successes and failures, all participants become better, smarter and more profitable business people. Since that time, KnowledgeFest has grown into a full trade show and educational conference like no other in our industry.
What's in it for me?
Today, KnowledgeFest events include over 18 educational workshops, 50 manufacturer trainings, great networking opportunities, and: a Mobile Electronics Show floor featuring manufacturer and benefit provider exhibits and displays. Talk one-on-one with people with which you do business (or should be!). Every major manufacturer and many specialty manufacturers will be there for you. 
Over 40 hours of manufacturer training sessions are designed to make you the expert in your market. Specialized training for owner/managers, sales professionals and installation techs to keep your business on the cutting edge of profitability. Whether you're a seasoned veteran, or a relative newcomer to mobile electronics, KnowledgeFest has something for you.
What will I learn?
KnowledgeFest events will speak to the issues that retailers have told us are important for managing and growing their business. For example, topics like controlling expenses, maximizing cash flow and finding new ways to compete in this challenging economy. Learn the best ways for improving business relationships with manufacturers and reps, find out how to deal with connectivity issues and the defective dilemma and make the right decisions for marketing and advertising to today's consumer. Find the most effective ways to make the Internet your friend and realize areas for potential growth that you may not have considered.
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Instructor: Kevin Hallinan – WINNING, Incorporated

Track: Owner - Manager

Session ID: SM007

Location: C141

[Click Here to Reserve Your Seat*]


Description: Do you get all the referrals you deserve? Most businesses don’t, and it costs them dearly. If you have a big marketing budget that’s great. But if you don’t, how do you spread the word? In this workshop, you discover how to consistently generate business from your best referral source – your current customers. The best part is, if you do it right, it costs you nothing and your business grows!


*A reservation does not guarantee a seat. Reserved seating is located on the first two rows of each classroom and is on a first come first served basis. Please be at your class no later than ten minutes before start time.  

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Instructor: Kevin Hallinan – WINNING, Incorporated

Track: Owner - Manager

Session ID: SM002

Location: C141

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