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School of Sound – Know the Foundation - Part 1

Instructors: Steve Turrisi, Kevin Ferry, Rob Haynes - JL Audio

Track: Technician - Fabricator

Session ID: TF002

Location: Seaside A

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Description: In the car audio business, we don’t just sell products and install them… we’re selling something far more interesting… the enjoyment of music. In order for music to become an experience it has to transcend the nuts and bolts and make the listener forget that he/she is listening to equipment. This level of performance doesn’t just happen… it has to be designed with knowledge and care.

Sometimes it is easy to forget what our customers are really looking for and how closely it fits in with our goals as salespeople and installers.


Customers want:

· Performance that meets/exceeds expectations

· Reliability

· Confidence that they have purchased the right product for their needs

· Good service (advice, installation quality, efficient problem resolution)

· Value for their money… which is directly related to 1-4


Retailers want:

· Profitability

· Business Growth


The retailer only achieves profitability and business growth when customers consistently get what they want. Broken products cost everyone time and money and make customers mad, which reduces the likelihood of referrals or repeat purchases. Systems that don’t sound good cost your future business, too… you get the picture. To be truly successful, we must strive to make customers happy via great performing, reliable systems.


In this two-part training, we will cover several important topics which are fundamental to making good system design choices. This training will help cover the following topics in detail:

·         The fundamentals of electricity, including Ohm’s Law

·         The fundamentals of acoustics: decibels, octaves, SPL, etc.

·         The fundamentals of speaker power handling

·         The fundamentals of vehicle charging systems

·         The fundamentals of power distribution in a system

·         The fundamentals of amplifier level setting


These may sound like pretty “dry” topics, but we’ll attempt to illustrate their application in a manner that is highly relevant to our everyday business of recommending, selling and installing audio products. We will also discuss something throughout that is rarely talked about in mobile audio trainings… the music and its role in making good system design choices.


This information will allow salespeople to confidently make good choices for different situations and explain their recommendations to their customers. Installers will benefit from the acoustic, electrical and system tuning information as well.


*A reservation does not guarantee a seat. Reserved seating is located on the first two rows of each classroom and is on a first come first served basis. Please be at your class no later than ten minutes before start time. 

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