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***Information Updated as of November 15, 2021***
KnowledgeFest Health & Safety Information for Indianapolis
As we look forward to our next KnowledgeFest event, we want you to know that your safety is at the top of our list. We have complied information regarding processes and procedures that will be in place for our events. Our goal is to create safe and successful live events. The Indiana Convention Center has received the GBAC STAR™ accreditation.
For more informaiton go to: www.gbac.org
[Click Here] For Health and Safety Related Convention Center
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[Click Here] CDC Daily Cases
At KnowledgeFest Dallas, we will recommed masks in the exhibit hall and meeting rooms. We also recommend, but do not require vaccination to attend the event. We respectfully ask that you follow all CDC, Federal, State, and Local ordinances during the event.
Cleaning & Sanitization
Creating and maintaining clean environments for the safety and success of our events:
1. We will offer sanitizing services to exhibitors through our general service contractor and or the facility.
2. We will place hand sanitizing stations throughout the event.
3. We recommend following all recommendations from local, state, and federal governments regarding health and safety of the event.
4. We will have a dedicated cleaning taskforce to implement and police sanitization.
5. We will confirm that all cleaning responsibilities are performed with proper PPE equipment.
6. We will have a disinfection process for common areas and surfaces, including but not limited to: Countertops, Tablets and keyboards, Seating areas, Bathrooms, Door handles, etc.
7. We will encourage hand washing and good hygiene for participants before and after human interactions.
Health Monitoring
Screen & Survey Participants - If needed, we will implement health and screening checks for all event participants to support maintaining clean environments and create emotional comfort to those entering and interacting within the event. We may implement temperature check procedures at event facilities that may include:
1. Temperature and wellbeing survey stations at entry locations.
2. Survey questions will follow CDC recommendations. Individuals with high temperatures or who do not pass survey standards will not be permitted into the event.
3. If defined survey standards and temperature checks required, it will be communicated to all participants prior to the event.
For individuals with high temperatures, we would implement the following:
1. Designate an isolation room with qualified medical staff on call.
2. Create transportation plan to safely transfer patient to a healthcare facility or hospital if recommended by the onsite medical staff.
If needed, we may communicate the safety plan to all participants so that if a participant gets sick at the event they understand immediately where to go and who to alert.
We will continue to monitor and update these procedures as new information becomes available. Please use this comprehensive list of resources to stay updated on protocols, guidelines, and compliance of the health and safety protocols.


Click on the resource to learn more:

[Click Here] For Health and Safety Related Convention Center
[Click Here] For Health and Safety Related Hotel Information
The Dallas Convention Center continues to adhere to all CDC recommendations, including:
  • Hand sanitizer stations are located throughout the facility to encourage anti-bacterial efforts.
  • Signage is posted throughout the building with CDC recommendations that promote healthy hygiene.
  • Frequent touch points are routinely cleaned and sanitized.
  • Recommending but not requiring face masks.
  • Recommending but not requiring vaccination.
Their staff is meeting regularly to stay informed and is taking appropriate safety measures as needed.
We will communicate regularly to ensure that our staff, partners, clients, and attendees are up to date on additional news.
For more information about Health and Safety in Indianapolis, click here.
For more information about Health and Safety in Indiana, click here.
For more information from the CDC, click here.

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